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Featured Poem - Monday 4th August 2008

Two for the price of one. This poem, which dips a toe into the philosophy of bio ethics is presented along with an alternate view from writer Patricia Hysell. Thanks Patti.

Dave Nostradamus

July 2008 by Mark Hoffmann

Vast cages
full of plump, pink, humans  livestock.
An alien herdsman grabs a newborn
crimps the child's tongue
drops him in the rearing pen.
Mother bites her own dead tongue,
trudges off to be milked.

Organic bullock-boy shuffles in line
trembles, stares wild eyed as siblings fall.
A bolt through the skull stuns him:
"He didn't suffer."

Heifer-girl hangs
chained by the ankle to the slaughterhouse rack.
Skin rips, tendons tear, 
her silent scream killed
by a blessed knife to the throat.
Her sanguine blood slowly drip drip drips
as the butcher-priest chants:
"Praise our god for this human bounty."

Dave places his quill back in the inkpot
takes a last bite of BLT on rye
turns over a new page.

Why Even Try?

July 2008 by Patricia Hysell

Why Even Try?
   or Misguided Zealot

I am told I'm bad because I am ruled by biology.
I am told that history is not destiny.
I am told to disregard the drawings as Lascaux.
I am told to deny my carnivorous self.

Ruminate on this, oh despicable meat-eater.

You should shun your evilness.
You should shun your destiny.
You should shun the triumph of ancestors.
You should shun your carnivorous self.

Flesh eating is cruelty to animals
   No word on other animals eating animals.
Not only flesh, but animal by-products as well
   No milk, no cheese, no eggs.
Live off plants  they don't have eyes.
   No nutrition worries, it's easy to be healthy.
Give up your carnivorous ways.

I've tried
And failed to make the more zealous happy.

I woke to my morning coffee
   With cream.
I lunched on crackers
   With cheese.
I supped on tomato soup
   With milk.
I am a carnivore.

Forgive me Mother Earth.
For I am as you made me.
I am the promise of my ancestors.
Living high on the hog.