Scribblers Ring

The Picnic

July 2007 by Mark Hoffmann

I munched baloney like a clown,
While Yogi Bear drank Holsten Pils
Sherbet Herbert wore a crown,
A host of toast and cheesy frills.

Scarlet Charlotte on her knees,
To better see the rolling hills.
Hairy conkers in the breeze,
And wow! Those golden daffodils.

Iambic Pentameter

August 2007 by Mark Hoffmann

Iambic Pentameter, reclining on the bed,
"Some judicious use of the tongue," she said.
Her expression angelic,
And slightly parenthetic,
(You'll never write a poem so write a limerick instead.)


September 2007 by Mark Hoffmann

Dig this Anacron.
Don't ping the python,
finger the squid. 
More head, less tail and let
Hal the gimp wear a tux.
Whereis Mutt?
Linus we love you man.