Scribblers Ring



April 2009 by Mark Hoffmann

"To the bunkers!"

From Sydney to Smolensk,
feet hasten to the beat
of vertebrae pop-pop-popping,
as tearful men bend over
     and kiss their own arseholes goodbye.

Outside a Starbucks in Seattle
a cosmologist grabs a creationist by the ear:
"See that Chuck?
Just like the one you claim didn't kill
the non-existent freekin dinosaurs."

In Bath
a philosophy professor luxuriates 
     in her bubbly bath.
She giggles like a cheeky teenage girl
as she ponders the idea that the asteroid
may be an indication of intelligent design.

Financial crisis and fundamentalist terrorism,
tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, and thrush;
soon all their troubles will be over.

Unless ...
Unless Nothing.